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How can I make a phone call? It should only ring at the remote station. I would like the phone number to be called to be sent with the command. Is there a possibility via Telnet or Put / Get? Process: I send a command to the TRB140 with the telephone number. This number is called and the remote terminal rings .


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The TRB140 does not support voice over LTE, but you could try to make outgoing calls with the following command:

  • gsmctl -A 'ATD+<phone_number>;'

Here are some additional things to take note of:

  • There will be a short delay (about 3-5 seconds) after executing the command before theTRBr starts the call.
  • If you pick up the call, the router will not drop the call automatically. To terminate the call from the router's side, use this command:
    • gsmctl -A 'ATH 0'
  • While the TRB is making outgoing calls or receiving incoming calls, the service type will change from LTE to WCDMA.
  • If you originate a second call while another call is active, the first call be automatically put on hold.