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Good morning,

I am using special Orange mobile data plan - Orange Internet Empresa Ilimitado - also called 4G en casa. It should be able to use port forwarding according to Orange support and sales people.

I setup connection fine using automated APN, got correct internet connection, yet I cannot get Port Forwarding to work. Also remote router management does not work - HTTP/HTTPS.

I have simply added new Port Forwarding rule according to manual and numerous youtubes, yet when accessing port it is not forwarded.

Strangely, WAN status shows PRIVATE 20.... IP address, however checking "what is my ip" pages I see different 80..... IP address.

What could be the problem and the solution? Orange swears they have this service available.

Thank you!

1 Answer

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Could you send a screenshot of your Overview page? I suppose you do have a private IP which means that you cannot use SIM IP for port forwarding. "Whatsmyip" service does not show your public IP correctly, for example, if you do not have it, it will show your operator's public IP but not the IP in your router.


Thank you for your reply, this is what I suspected too, however I was talking with 5 (five) persons from Orange who all swear it should work, even sending me guides of their TP-Link MR200 4G router to see how to setup port forwarding. Attaching screnshot.

Yes, I see there that private IP is present. It may be that you are using the wrong APN? As far as I am aware, Orange does have a few APN's.