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I've a RUT950 with latest firmware RUT_R_00.07.00

and I really wonder to know how to check the status of the WAN port and in case exchange to LAN4 in the same network as LAN1, 2 & 3.

I've been looking in the FAQ also in the user manual but I cannot see any way of knowing it.

cheers, Carmelo

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Thank you for contacting us.
I not sure I understand the question, so I would like to ask if you are asking how to check if WAN is set to work as LAN?
If so, the easiest way, to connect cable to the WAN port and try to ping LAN IP (e.g. ping If there no answer - WAN working as WAN.
If using SSH, it could checked with command cat /etc/config/network in order to check if WAN interface is disabled or enabled.
I hope it helps

Best regards,