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by anonymous

I have three RUT955 devices and I want to connect to all of them simultaneously from one PC via VPN. What is the best way to do it?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

If I do understand correctly, you do have a server on your PC and want to connect 3 routers to it? Or is it the other way, 3 routers are servers and PC should be a client to each one of them?

by anonymous
Routers are servers and I want to connect to all of them from one client. Now each router have l2tp ipsec connection but as i know I can't have multiple connections simultaneously by this protocol.
by anonymous

In your case, I would recommend setting OpenVPN connection then. You could download OpenVPN connect application. to your PC and connect to 3 routers. This client will allow you to switch VPN connections with one click. And there is the guide on how to configure OpenVPN:

by anonymous
But I would like to run these three connections at the same time? Is it possible?
by anonymous
Unfortunately no. I have checked VPN client software on my own PC and it allows to have one active connection only. Once you disconnect from one, you can connect to another in a few seconds.