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I am trying to cell lock my RUT950. There's a few threads on the forum but have various problems and none have been confirmed by anyone from Teltonika. Can anyone shed an light? I really don't want to brick my router. Im fairly low fi when it comes to my knowledge on the subject but may have someone who can help me out should I get a bit more info. I have seen a solution on the RUT360, but don't know if it's different for the 950 and theres no solution for this in the UI. Can anyone help?

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If you want to enable cell locking, you need to run these commands in a sequence after the connection was established:

  1. gsmctl -A 'AT+QCFG="NWSCANMODE",3,1'
  2. gsmctl -I (to get neighbor cells)
  3. gsmctl -A 'AT+QNWLOCK="common/lte",2,**earcfn**,**pcid**' (earcfn and pcid parameters is from the second point of this sequence and chosen by the client, integer type)
  4. gsmctl -K (this shows which cell provides connection at this moment)
Hi, just a fast question

Are you referring here to lock on specific cell tower within same mobile operator,

or simply lock device to one operator?