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I was wondering if the RUTX09 provides any more secure parts of the device to store private information such as certificates, passwords etc out of the box? Or is there a way to restrict access to specific locations on the device before run-time?

Thank you in advance.

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Hello Anon,

Thanks for contacting TELTONIKA | Crowd-support forum.

Kindly be informed that RUTX09 gives us the possibility to create multiple user accounts that can access to the device with different user credentials than the default ones.

In general, we have three level of authority:

- root -    highest level of authority:

              has unlimited read/write access

              additional users cannot be added to this group

              access rights for this group cannot be modified

-admin - second highest level of authority:

              limited read access / unlimited write access by default

              access rights can be modified

-user -    lowest level of authority.

              no write access / limited read access

              by default, users belonging to this group cannot view these pages:

              Services → Mobile Utilities → Messages → Send Messages

              System → Users

              System → Firmware

              System → Reboot

              access rights can be modified

In order to add a new user, go to SYSTEM and select SYSTEM USERS then choose USER MANAGEMENTS.

More information can be found here:


Please let us know if you need any further information.

Best Regards,