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I've a RUT950 with latest firmware RUT_R_00.07.00

and I want to know how to set the WAN port like a LAN port .

Since the update the WEBUI interface as completly different and I don't know how to do with this latest version.

I don't find any information in your website.

thanks in advance

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Currently, there is no single checkbox to set WAN as LAN (it will be implemented in the future). There are the instructions: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Setting_up_WAN_as_LAN



I want to use WAN port AS LAN:

before the last update the method was bellow:

In your answer I have to do:

But my setting is different , I can't see the wan port in this Item ?

are you sure it's the right way to set the wan port like a lan port.

Thanks in advance