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Is it possible, in some way, to get the RUTX11 (latest firmware / RUTX_R_00.07.00) to answer an SMS only if a given keyword exists? I need to send the work TOPUP if the keyword TOPUP are sendt from my ISP to keep the line active. I have 4G / LTE connection only. 

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I will need to ask you to elaborate a little bit about this topic. I understood that you want to send an SMS message to the router with a specific phrase, and receive an answer if that phrase is set up somehow? Our Mobile Utilities work in a similar way: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUTX11_Mobile_Utilities#SMS_Utilities

You can preconfigure a phrase there and receive a reply only if you sent the same phrase via SMS.



Well. Not exactly. But close. The "phrase" in the function you are mentioning are apparently not taking long messages like this. If it did, it wouldn't be a problem really. 

The text we are receiving are this:

Bra surfat! Du har förbrukat 50 GB idag. Svara TOPUP på detta SMS för att fortsätta surfa med ytterligare 5 GB i taget. Självklart utan extra kostnad eftersom du har Obegränsad. Undrar du varför du får det här SMS:et? Läs mer på tele2.se Hälsningar Tele2

In short, it means that we have used 50Gb and that we have to reply with the word TOPUP. So I'm really looking for a way to search incoming text messages for the phrase "TOPUP", and if that exist, reply to the number that sendt the message with the text "TOPUP" only. 

I have written a script that checks the messages for the string "TOPUP" every minute via CRON (using CURL and GREP), but having an "auto reply" with a built in grep function would be more ... accurate I guess, and wouldn't have to depend on external scripts and whatever errors that could lead to.

Thanks for answering :)


Thank you for clarification, now I understand what you are trying to achieve. Unfortunately, there is no built-in feature to auto-reply when a specific message is received.

In your case I would recommend to go forward with the script. You could use gsmctl command to send SMS from your router