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i have a RUT950 running FW version RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.5. The hardware versions are:

Product code RUT950V02XXX
Batch number 0099
Hardware revision 1714

In the wiki page for FW downloads https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT950_Firmware_Downloads_(legacy_WebUI) i see that FW version 6.08.5 should be available. However, when i check for FW update in the GUI, i always get "No update available."

What could be the problem? Any risk if i manually upload the file and upgrade?


Hello Vykintas, does my hardware (see product code above) support firmware version 7?

Thanks a lot!

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Firmware up until the 6.08.5 version should be available for every router. Are you sure your router had an internet connection while checking for updates? Is the FOTA server enabled? To answer your last question, there is no risk if you upgrade your router directly from a file that you download from our Wiki.

Hello Vykintas,

thanks for your answer. Yes, i definitely had network, and FOTA is enabled. It worked fine in the past, keeping the config after updating.

Now i updated using a file upload, and i lost all configuration!!! :-(((((((( I can't restore backup (since the FW version changed), and if i load a restore point i'll go back to the previous version again....

This last thing is what i did now, and worked perfectly, but i don't want to reconfigure everything just for a (minor) FW update... in that case i'd go for version 7.x.x, having product code RUT950V02XXX  version 7 should be supported right?

Thanks and greetings,