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After FW update I noticed that following modbus registers values are kept 0 between times 24:00 - 1:00, so right after midnight.

Mobile data received today (SIM1)     185     186     2     32 bit unsigned integer
Mobile data sent today (SIM1)     187     188     2     32 bit unsigned integer

Rest of the day registers are working normally and values are valid.
I updated FW at the same day when day light saving was activated. Is there issue with new firmware or time with day light savings?

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A new version of RutOS 7.01 firmware has been released, with changes and improvements. Try upgrading your equipment and testing it then.



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Thing went from bad to worse, so to say in polite way.

Just wondering what kind of testing Teltonika is doing for new releases or are we supposed to do the testing for them?