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I've a IPsec tunnel formed between an Azure cloud and a RUT950 as a client.

The application hosted in cloud in accessible at the client side properly, but when we try to ping via the Command prompt of windows while testing failover, I'm getting request time out forever at the command prompt of windows, but at CLI of teltonika the pings are happening and the application is accessible.

Since checking ping is one of the primary troubleshooting tactics, and the users usually check at command prompt, we would like to have this concern addressed.

NB: all firewall features of end-userx systems are off.

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Hi Jeril,

Thank you for your query.

Can you ping your end device(from the router) from br-lan interface? In other words, lets say your pc has LAN ip address of, can you ping from the routers CLI in the following manner? ping - I br-lan?  Also can you ping the router from the PC?

Also could be please elaborate a little bit regarding your setup and provide the topology, ip addresses in use as it is really hard to say now without any information provided.

Best Regards,