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Does anyone have any examples of setting up a remote VPN user, EG a user with a laptop or IOS type device to connect over VPN to the teltonika router? OpenVPN, or one of the other examples. IE the teltonika being the VPN 'server' and the remote device being a single client. Im not talking about router to router VPN tunnels to connect offices, but a single remote user to connect to the teltonika to get access to a LAN for example. Many thanks. :-)


Can you tell what Teltonika router and which firmware you are going to use for the VPN server?

Here is the detailed instruction how to set up a VPN client on Windows OS:

Guide for Linux client:

Take a look at the steps and ask if you have any questions.


Its a RUTX09 with the latest firmware. Setting up the client is not the issue, it was more on the RUT. I was hoping to use either IPsec/L2TP from a mobile, but also try open vpn client on the mobile. Either way, its so confusing on the RUT compared to other firewalls ive used. So i was hoping to find examples to configure 'both' ends, on the RUT and on the client PC or Mobile iOS


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Hello, once again!

Here is an example of how OpenVPN configuration looks on the RUT device (server):

This is how OpenVPN configuration looks on Windows PC (client):

In these examples, I was using TLS authentication method. In order to use this authentication method, you need to generate certificates.

Here is the link to how to generate certificates on Windows:

If you want you can use other methods, for example, static key or password.

I suggest taking a look at these instructions on how you can configure VPN on the RUTX09 device. There you will find detailed instructions with the PrintScreens and a description of each field:

OpenVPN RUTX09 server configuration:

IPsec configuration instruction on RUTX09 device:

L2TP server configuration on RUTx09 device:

I will be waiting for your answer if everything is clear in these instructions, if not I will take a look at every field and step which is unclear to you, just do not bother to ask as many questions as you need. 


Thanks so much for the help...ill try to run through this and see if i can get it to work.
ok super confused now...I thought this would be simple... :-(

Im totally confused about what certificate files go where when uisng TLS

I understand i have several certificte files on the RUT, in the Admin>Certificates section.

I can see the ca.cert.pem, server.cert.pem etc. I just want to understand which files are provided to the remote client machine.

How do i do this in the case of a mobiule user using IOS and the open VPN client app?

This is where im struggling to understand the process. Thanks
Ive tried this, but its not working. I was hoping to also use the openvpn client on an ios device, but again , i cant find anywhere any videos, turorials etc. The resellers where i purchased my RUT's from (and was hoping for support) are totally useless...

For example, do i need to add the remote user as a 'user' in the RUTX09? There is simply no information on the wiki pages.


No need to apologize, OpenVPN sometimes can be confusing.

Here is the PrintScreen where I marked which certificates you need to upload to the client configuration (.ovpn file):

  • ca.cert.pem
  • client.cert.pem
  • client.key.pem
After you will download certificates to your computer, open them with notepad, copy the whole text and paste into the OpenVPN configuration file as shown in this instruction:
After that, you need to download the OpenVPN app to your IOS device, upload a configuration file (.ovpn) and connect to the server.
You can upload .ovpn file using iTunes Sync, send it to the mail, and open the file via the OpenVPN app or by URL.
There is no need to add the remote user as a 'user' in the RUTX09 for a successful VPN connection.
Sincerely, Klaidas