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i would to forward a hostname into a LAN ip. I am trying to do this with the menu "DNS forwarding".

I want that when inside the LAN if i put "ha.giovane" on browser it will redirect to "" ip.

But anything i try to configure in this menu (see fig.2), will bring my network into not working (no more dhcp valid for any device) and lan interface broke down.

How this:

really work for solve my issue?

Many thanks

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Please describe in more detail the topology of your network.

In order to get a bundle of a local ip address and a domain name, you need to configure a local DNS server or a "hosts" file.


The LAN Is very simply as in fig1.

Gateway Is the rut955 with ip , subnet 24, Dhcp Is the rut955, there Is not a DNS server dedicated in this LAN, via Dhcp i put and on the connected client.

 There Is a SIM card on board, everything works fine.

I have also tryed to make rut955 DNS server (put insted of on Dhcp option. It works and Is passed to clients. But still DNS forwarding(fig 2) not work.

If It Is more to do a hosts file? This tolopogy Is enough?


In order to get the result, you need to add a line to the router's hosts file after " localhost": ha.giovane

and reboot the device.

DNS forwarding forwards DNS requests of set hostname to particular DNS server on set IP not redirects traffic from set hostname to set ip.

I try to find hosts file. But it is not present.

I found only a folder named hosts (fig3). Inside it there is ona file "dhcp.cfg01411c". (fig4)

I try to add the row as suggested on it(i don't know if it is right) but after rebbot my new row is disappeared.

Sorry for sure where is located the right hosts file to modify?

Thank you

the file is located at the path /etc/hosts
1. Connect to the device via SSH
2. Enter vi /etc/hosts
3. Click "insert" to edit, after localhost add ha.giovane
4. Press Esc to exit the editing mode. To save, enter :w, confirm the file name. To exit, enter :q.
5. To view the contents of the file, enter cat /etc/hosts. If the contents of the file suit you, then enter reboot


Thank for your time,

i found hosts file and modify as you suggested. Then rebotted. I verify also and it keeps all.

Now i try to reach "ha.giovane" from a netbook client connected on the lan, but it cannot solve to ip if i put "ha.giovane".

Off course If i put direct the ip it works. See fig.6 please. (Sorry it is italian but i hop it can be understand)

Let me know please your consideration. Thanks

this is fig6 i want show you

I think i found. It works only if i put as DNS server for the client, the via Dhcp.

Thanks for help me solve this low profile networking issue, hope this  tread could be usefull also to others geeks
yosha is right

you also need to use the ip of your rut955 as a DNS server (put instead of on clients by hand or via DHCP.
But through modifying hosts file, it can not resolve host from outside devices connected to Wifi.