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by anonymous

I have two RUT240. Both are on Firmware 1.14.4. I exported the configuration of the first one and wanted to import it on the second one. This is not possible. The error is "Incompatible backup file selected, please choose another file".

The both devices seem to have a different product code: RUT2400DXXXX vs RUT24006XXXX.

Firstly, the error message should be more clear, why it is not possible to import from 240 to 240. And secondly it would be great, if that would be possible. I assume those devices are almost the same.

Can anyone confirm, what the problem is?


1 Answer

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by anonymous


You have mentioned the cause of this by yourself. RUT2400DXXXX does have a MEIG modem module and RUT24006XXXX does have a Quectel modem module inside. It is a significant hardware difference and we have stated in our wiki: You can upload configuration backup files to your device if they were generated on an identical device using the same or an older firmware version.


by anonymous

Hello, thanks for your reply. That is, what I thought.

Let me give you some "real world" feedback on this, what I am experiencing right now. I can relate, and understand you have different version of this device. But the common name it is identified and sold by, is "RUT240" only. You sometimes find more precise version numbers, but the expectation, at least from my side is, that RUT240 xxx1 is very much considered the same as RUT240 xxx2.

Something like "RUT241" or "RUT240A" or a significant recognizable difference would might help to avoid such situations. The RUT2400DXXXX version does not even has that information written on the device itself. 

And also the feedback, as written above already: The error message could be more clear on that, stating, which device it backup came from and what device it is trying to be loaded onto.

Thanks for your help.

by anonymous
I totally agree with @jgoetze experience. I have the same model of RUT240 and I have 20+pieces to be configured with the same configuration. It's quiet confusing when some identical devices are able to be uploaded by configuration file from another RUT240 and some are not. Now it's more clear to me but really, this has to be clearly stated in your WIKI pages. So confusing, so !
by anonymous

I have a similar probem. I have two devices RUT240. The firmware is the same on both devices (kernel, hardware revision, device name). The both devices are the same at least from outside image. The backup config is incompatible between devices. The only difference is the product code. Please how can I find out from outside image what type it is exactly.

Or how many types are there of RUT240.