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I noticed that when a device has reached its data limit it will remain offline for the remaining duration of the period. I am currently using a RUT240.

I was wondering if it was possible to make an exception for RMS communication in QoS or in a firewall rule, so that it might still sync with RMS and as such is able to be accessed remotely to either upgrade the data limit or reset it.

Should any of you smart folks have an alternative solution to either reset the limit or set a higher limit, I am interested to know this as well.

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I would imagine that you want to be able to still configure the Data limit set in RUT240 even when it reaches its limit and shuts down the mobile interface?

In this case there's no way to do that except if you would think of a smarter way to do this in the script. Data limit functionality is working in that way that it disables the interface fully and no separate traffic can go through while in that state, including the RMS connection.

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Hi Ernestas,

This seems like a pretty big flaw in the RMS functionality, but if this is the way it operates, I suppose there's no way around it. I would want to manage the routers this way so there are no users that can consume large amounts of data and so ensure that the provider doesn't invoice a huge amount of money, but cutting them off for the remainder of the month when they reach their limit seems rather extreme.

Thank you for your answer though, even if it's not the one I had hoped for. I really hope Teltonika can address this flaw in RMS in the future, to make it interesting for my use case as well.