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I have 6 TRB 141 working since 2 months. The TRB's are connected to the PC's.

Yesterday one of my devices dissapeared from RMS. I still can log in to the PC connected to this device remotelly.

Internet is working ok on this device. I can even reach webservice "rme.teltonika.lt" from web browser - but TRB141 can't connect to the RMS. I have message "Failed to resolve hostname".

How it is possible, since I can log in to the RMS account from web browser on a PC connected to this TRB 141?

When I tried to ping rme.teltonika.lt from the PC it did not succed. The same was from Pc's connected to the other TRB 141 - ping does not work, but the devices can connect with the RMS. What could happened?

All devices are using SIM cards from the same GSM provider. Most of them even are logged to the same BTS !

The credits in the RMS are ok, the monitoring is ON.

Could you please help me with this problem?

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Hi Akusti,

Thank you for your query.

To begin with, you have put the hostname down as "rme.teltonika.lt". I assume it is only a typo, but please make sure that you are using either rms.teltonika.lt or rms.teltonika-networks.com as there are the correct hostnames for RMS.  Also, if that would not work, try putting RMS ip address instead of the hostname and check if it connects:

All information regarding RMS used ip addresses, hostnames and ports could be found here: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/What_IP_addresses_and_ports_are_used_by_RMS%3F

If none of the earlier mentioned works, could you please provide me S/N(Serial number) of your device so I could look at this from our end.

Best Regards,