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I'm have a RUT240 that cannot send SMS messages - even though in the past it has both sent and received SMS messages.

It's connected to the Telstra 4G network in Australia and data is working fine and we have confirmed the SIM is able to send and receive SMS messages.

When trying to send a SMS either via the web GUI or from the CLI using gsmctl the result is always a Timeout error.

In addition once this timeout error occurs then we see the following issues with the device:

- We can't read any previously received SMS messages (again via the web GUI or gsmctl). In the Web GUI there is no error whereas the gsmctl shows the same "Timeout" error response.

- The Status -> Overview page in the web GUI never loads any actual status information. It loads the page but all the status values stay as "-" and it never updates.

Rebooting the router fixes the SMS received list and Status page issues or if we wait for a number of minutes (not sure how long - at least 5 minutes) then these both fix themselves.

Running firmware RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.4.

I've done some searching and tried various suggestions like removing log.db files and the like but to no effect.

Thanks, Frank

1 Answer

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Please can you perform the below steps and check :

1> Go to Administration >> Backup >> Back archive >> download

2> Perform a factory reset and then upload the downloaded config to the RUT

2> From the RUT's command line run the command /etc/init.d/sms-utils restart

4> gsmctl -S -r  (to read the incoming sms)

5> gsmctl -S -s "xxxxxxxxxx test"   (to send sms to xx- mobile number)

6> gsmctl -e  and gsmctl -r

7> Download and share the troubleshoot file