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I've got 30 router-modems RUT240 and on 3 of 24 have this problem, they are working and sending data  and credit is paid but always are offline in RMS web.  I was connected to them via RMS the first time when they were installed but never after that and the modems are working and sending data to my server.

How can I make it connect to RMS? Could you help me? is it necessary to have fisically the devices to fix this problem? because they are in other country.

thank you

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For the issue you are facing try to do these steps:

  • Check if router has internet connection; You can send SMS with text message: <admin01> status
  • If possible check router’s “System -> Administration -> RMS” menu for error indication why router cannot connect to RMS. Press “Connect” button or send SMS with text: <admin01> monitoringon
  • Then <admin01> monitoring_status
  • Try to reboot device. For this you can send SMS with text: <admin01> reboot

Note: <admin01> is default RUT password and should be replaced by your admin password.


Best regards.