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I've got 30 router-modems RUT240 and on 3 of 24 have this problem, they are working and sending data  and credit is paid but always are offline in RMS web.  I was connected to them via RMS the first time when they were installed but never after that and the modems are working and sending data to my server.

How can I make it connect to RMS? Could you help me? is it necessary to have fisically the devices to fix this problem? because they are in other country.

thank you

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For the issue you are facing try to do these steps:

  • Check if router has internet connection; You can send SMS with text message: <admin01> status
  • If possible check router’s “System -> Administration -> RMS” menu for error indication why router cannot connect to RMS. Press “Connect” button or send SMS with text: <admin01> monitoringon
  • Then <admin01> monitoring_status
  • Try to reboot device. For this you can send SMS with text: <admin01> reboot

Note: <admin01> is default RUT password and should be replaced by your admin password.


Best regards.


Same problem here, the device is not reacting and answering my SMS commands. The display behind is online and reachable.

Firmware RUT2_R_00.07.01.4

RMS platform says "Device has attempted to connect to the system." till yesterday, but not for today.

Any solutions for this?? Have the same issue