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There seems to be an internal connector on the TRB that has labels for I2C and ADC and some other signals (named Gxx). Are those functional and useable to custom code running on the TRB? I cannot find such information?

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TRB14x from 2.6 RUTOS has I2C support. Either using SDK or directly via terminal, data can be requested from I2C devices.

Gateways with this firmware and up has i2c interface /dev/i2c-2, which can be used to access connected devices directly. Also there is i2c-tools (i2cdetect, i2cdump and etc.) installed in device, they can be used to communicate with connected device or in SDK to develop your own application.


OK, thanks, very useful. Is the ADC also exposed? what about the other (GPIO?)signals on the connector?