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Hello, i have asked the Question some days ago:

Hello, i must configure 7 RUT955 Router in a very Special way with VPN`s Dual Sim with fallback, Dyndns and many PPTP`s, etc... . Is it possible, in any way, to configure one of them and paste the configuration to the others ?


Many thanks to Dziugas he answered the Question quickly:

Yes, it is possible. Configure one router and download the Backup file from the System -> Administration -> Backuppage.
You can then upload this file to your other routers (via the same page). Just make sure the routers use the same firmware version.

My problem is, that it doesn`t work for me

My Master RUT955 has firmware 05.00.3 with Kernel 3.18.44 and Bootloader 3.0.1   I download the backup Archive. Its a tar.gz file with 72 KB
If i start an restore from backup on the other RUT955 he told me "Incompatible backup file,please chose another"  The firmware, kernel and bootloader is identical to the master RUT955. 

I have tested all conditions: new routers out of Stock with firmware 05.00.5: Everytime the same Problem, if i will restore the backup file to another Router, i got the failure message. Is there anyone who has done a functional clone from one router to another one ?

Please Help, many thanks Frank

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To upload backup files Firmware version must be identical. If you want to upload backup file to the routers with 05.00.5 FW version backup should be also made with router that has 05.00.5 FW version.

One more important thing is a product code. Do all of your router got the same first 7 symbols ? RUT955H***** for example ?
Best answer
Many, many, thanks for your answer.

The Product Code was the Problem. My Master Router has the Product Code RUT95517V020.

The other Devices for the Restore are from Productcode Series RUT955H7VXXX.

Please tell Teltonika, that it must be posted in the Manuals and the Wiki`s. I have more than 20 RUT955 in work. Now i have to look if one of them has malfunction, that i can`t Play back the backup to a new one with different Product Code. It is an Desaster. The Minimum is Information about this Problem for all Administrators outside.

I just came across the same issue.

It should at least be possible to upload the config to a newer firmware version as it was created with, at least for minor versions! Usually the configuration is not reset when performing a firmware update so the new version should be able to handle the older config.

How else am I supposed to roll out the same config on various devices which are not necessarily bought at the same time? I would either have to downgrade the firmware of the newer device, install the backup and then upgrade. Or I would need to bring in a older device (which is currently not so easy), upgrade the firmware and use that config backup.

Since there are numerous topics in the forum about this, I am assuming there are a lot of people having this issue and it would be great if you could offer a better solution.