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I have a RUT 240 (alike) router that transmits data via SIM to MQTT broker. This data is polled via Modbus from a PLC

That works fine without protection/certificates but with certificates in place the transmitting interval can not be longer than 15 seconds. This ends up in a large bill for my SIM communication. This issue is for both the polling from PLC interval as for sending to server interval.

What is going wrong here?

Thanks, Guiseppe

2 Answers

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Hi Guiseppe,

Thank you for your query.

As far as I understood you meant SSL/TLS certificates by saying protection certificates.

1) Could you please elaborate a little bit how did you test that the transmitting interval can't be longer than 15s? As in general you can select transmitting period freely by navigating to Services -> Data To Server -> Data Senders advanced settings. Try setting the period to more than 15s.

2) What firmware version are you currently using? We have recently had a new firmware release, I would strongly recommend upgrading(if you haven't done that yet) and test when ever the same issue reoccurs.

Link: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT240_Firmware_Downloads

If, after taking earlier mentioned steps, the issue reoccurs. Please, could you navigate to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot and download the Troubleshoot file. Forward it to me via Private Message.

Best Regards,


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An update on this:

The problem was that the router was using a custom firmware and for some reason it couldn't send Data To Server using MQTT in longer than 15s Intervals. The solution was to install one of our Teltonika Networks FW for RUT240 that could be found at: