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Hi -

i cannot ping the router but can interact via mobile utils - reboot, etc.

is there a way to restore to "user defaults" via mobile utilities?

i can restore to factory but the backup file is > 2mb (not sure why the limit)


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Hi, all commands for interacting with the device via SMS are described in the wiki. https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUTX12_Mobile_Utilities

You can restore the default settings with the restore command.


Hi - thanks so much for your reply.

I was aware of the mobile utilities and in fact I had a note on my phone with all the commands, just not the only one I was hoping for yesterday : restore to "userdefaults" because it was added in the latest firmware. It was restore to factory that I was hoping to avoid.

With this link I was able to upgrade fw, and then use the command to restore to user defaults. All good now. So thank you.
You're welcome. Regards.