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Hi we have several of these RUT240s on multiple CCTV sites, we have started on our latest maintenance site visits and have been upgrading to the latest v00.07.01 and have done 3 today to our disapointment the normal VPN on or off codes do not work.

Old method to connect to our VPN, which we used this morning to remote upgrade each site via our VPN: -

adminPW vpnon client_NAME

But we soon after upgrade noticed the clients were not disconnecting with the standard: -

adminPW vpnoff client_NAME

So instead as the VPN was on I did it via the http page (as it was in my VPN), toggle client off then save/apply.

Then tried to reconnect, 98 SMS later on the first site and I found this works for one location: -

adminPW client_NAME vpnon

The above turned one of the sites on.

To turn it off I found this works (well for a bit!)

adminPW vpnoff client

adminPW vpnstatus

--then returns client_NAME - Disconnected, however we see on our server it reconnects everytime moments later on a different IP, so I have to again use the VPN http to toggle the service off.

I thought I can suffer this for a while, but I am now struggling to get ANY vpnon codes to work on the second of the 3 router upgrades today, and I have NOT YET tried the 3rd router YET.

Come on guys any input, this is a disaster upgrade!!!!!

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Thank you for the feedback. I will try to reproduce the issue on my own device and report it to our RnD department. Also, I would like to ask if you could add a troubleshoot file from your router once the issue reproduces. Add it to your original post by editing it. (only engineers will be able to see your attached files)

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I have also experienced this on RUT950s with firmware 6.08.3 where some work as required and some don't. I have managed to locate the 'cause' by examining the configuration of units which were working and ones that were not. Those that worked were ones that had been upgraded to 6.08.03 those that did not work were newly configured ones. Using CLI I examined the Openvpn configuration section (uci show openvpn) and found on the ones that worked as described above (i.e. don't connect) there was an branch 'openvpn.teltonika_auth_service' presumably related to RMS (which we don't use). This was not present on the ones that worked correctly after receiving the VPNON / VPNOFF sms messages. Deleting this section on the ones that didn't work cured the issue. I am not sure what the implications of removing that section are if you are using RMS perhaps a modification to that section may be forthcoming from support to resolve the issue without deleting the section. Hope this helps.
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Thanks Gents for both your input.

ADcoach I did see your post elsewhere with the CLI comment and unfortunately we do retain RMS licences which we assign to a site as final backup for access should all else fail so we couldn't consider dropping this.

Anyway I finished the update of the last of the sites, 10+ and after shed loads of trial and errors I found the correct command and patience required for disconnect but that is a server time release, in real life action the disconnect happens fairly quick.

New commands that work a 100% correct are: -

adminPW vpnon NAME       -  This works lightening quick and removes the previous config using "client_NAME" (dropping client_).

adminPW vpnoff NAME       -  This disconnects quick enough too and removes the previous config using "client_NAME" (dropping client_).

Be good to state this update in the manual or release notes.

Thanks for the help again gents.