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Hi everyone

I experienced a block issue when upgrading the zerotier pack from version 1.6.3-1 from the zip file of the wiki to the one suggested by the server. My Teltonika firmware version 7.0.2

The system doesn't recognize any of my passwords and keeps blocked after a manual restart. Is impossible to come in.

A complete hardware reset through the pinhole  is needed to come back to life again.

Please revise this. Is a trap for the zero tier users.

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Thank you for contacting us.
I would like to inform, that this issue was fixed in newest firmware version 7.01.1.
You could download this firmware from our wiki page.
I tested it and have no issue accessing WebUI after ZeroTier package installation.
Hope it helps.

Best regards,



Hi Sigitas,

I cannot update to this version until the SMS issues are resolved...

RUT955 & RUTX11 - 7.xx Firmware SMS I/O Issues - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks (teltonika-networks.com)

Could you please add it to your list, unless it is an undocumented fix in the new version?




Thank you for your feedback.
Could you recreate the issue with SMS trigger, generate and provide a troubleshoot file?
Detailed instruction how to generate a troubleshoot file is in this link.
Logs in this file will help to check what cause the issue.
Thank you in advance.