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Hi, I have a problem with the very latest RUT9_R_00.07.01.1 firmware using a Teltonika RUT955. The update from the previous version (6.08.05) is successful but the SIM inserted in SIM 1 is never seen.

Tue Nov 23 20:00:15 2021 daemon.info unhandler [4473]: modem_init [1-1.4] [5]: send to gsmd 'AT + CPIN?'
Tue Nov 23 20:00:15 2021 daemon.info unhandler [4473]: modem_init [1-1.4] [5]: get from gsmd '+ CME ERROR: SIM not inserted

Moving the SIM into slot 2 works instead. If I go back to the previous firmware the SIM is seen in slot 1
The biggest problem is that by physically removing the power cable from the teltonika and putting it back, it completely loses any menu concerning the SIM/Mobile. 

Instead, if I restart it from GUI or SSH, the SIM continues to work but only until the Teltonika is turned off, after that the SIM no longer works.

In SSH with logread -f it appears:

Mon Nov 22 20:38:19 2021 daemon.info gsmd [3231]: gsmd [find_modem_vidpid_by_id (): 660]: Modem not found ...
Mon Nov 22 20:38:19 2021 daemon.info gsmd [3231]: gsmd [exec_cmd (): 548]: Modem not found ...

Resetting to factory settings does not solve the problem. The only one is to go back to the previous firmware (6.08.05) where everything returns to work correctly.

CPU heavily used (over 100% at times) but the Teltonika doesn't seem to have slowdowns

Even the LEDs that indicate the strength of the mobile signal do not light up when the teltonika mounts firmware 7, they always remain off.
If I try to load the firmware from the bootroom I get the error "Error: Incorrect checksum" and I downloaded the file again even a little while ago.

I have tried to switch several times from new to old firmware, also trying not to keep the configuration, but the problems persist.

Tomorrow I will do the tests with another Teltonika RUT955 to see if maybe this is what is faulty even if it has never had major problems ;)

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I can confirm this issue.

Just updated to latest firmware also. I have 2 SIM-Cards and SIM 1 is not longer reachable.

If I change in Network - Mobile - General from SIM 2 to SIM 1, SIM 2 is still used.

I have 2 diffrent networkoperators so its easy to confirm that no matter what, SIM 2 operator is always the one in use.
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Can also confirm identical problems including very high CPU usage reported, but main show stopper is the complete loss of modem functionality on either SIM1 or SIM2 slots and loss of all Modem functions in the WebGUI menu system. Multiple restarts or switching SIM cards and slots does not return to previous functioning state. Only solution to return modem function on either SIM1 or 2 and return of WebGUI Modem functionality seems to be to downgrade of firmware to version RUT9_R_00.07.00.2

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Dos anyone from Teltonika read this forum?
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Yes indeed and had read it prior to commenting on this particular thread because the thread starter exactly matched the symptoms I had experienced

The "Answer" provided is not a resolution to or acknowledgement of the problem but a suggestion as to how to troubleshoot the issue and provide feedback. Which in my use case of a piece of remote industrial process machinery where downtime is not an option. Getting the device back and up running was the only option and downgrading to an earlier FW version was the only solution.

The device will now be replaced by another vendors kit during the next service visit and at which point some bench testing may be possible. But from what I experienced the symptoms are 100% repeatable, complete loss of modem service after a short period of time, each time the RUT955 was updated to Version 7.01.1. Downgrading back to V7.00.2 restores modem service (which it had been running reasonably stable for over a month)

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Thank you for your query. Regarding the CPU usage issue - this is a known problem, the actual CPU usage isn't being shown in the web UI correctly. It's possible to check the correct CPU load by logging in to the router CLI and issuing command "top". This issue will be fixed in the near future.

As for the RUT955 router losing the modem module - could you please confirm if this particular router loses the modem every time it boots or only sometimes? If these issues with the entire mobile module disappearing or with the SIM card keep on reappearing, please generate a troubleshoot file from your router when any of these issues occurs and send it to me in a private message. I'll leave instructions on how to generate the troubleshoot file below.

Also, when your router loses its modem module, please try to turn the router off by unplugging its power and plugging it back in (multiple times if the issue keeps on reccurring) and let me know if the modem keeps on disappearing or if it starts working properly.

Instructions on how to generate troubleshoot file:

A Troubleshoot file contains a device's event logs, configuration files and other info useful for diagnostics. It can be downloaded from your device's WebUI, Troubleshoot page:
System → Administration → Troubleshoot

Best regards,


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Hi, now I am sending you the files privately (I also invite other forum users to do so). However, as soon as it is updated to version 7 I confirm that:

1) the sim in slot 1 does not work

Sat Nov 27 22:26:15 2021 daemon.info unhandler [4510]: modem_init [1-1.4] [5]: send to gsmd 'AT + CPIN?'
Sat Nov 27 22:26:15 2021 daemon.info unhandler [4510]: modem_init [1-1.4] [5]: get from gsmd '+ CME ERROR: SIM not inserted

2) even if placed in slot 2, even if I have the WAN IP taken from the operator, I do not navigate

root @ Teltonika-RUT955: ~ # ping

PING ( 56 data bytes
ping: sendto: Network unreachable

3) DNS set in LAN DHCP are lost with update. If I put the two DNS back in the DHCP the second DNS is not distributed by the DHCP

4) everything regarding the configuration part of the APN ALWAYS disappears when the power cable is removed and NEVER returns except by downgrading to version 6.8.XXX

5) the leds on the case never light up with version 7

6) Firmware 7 won't load if you try to load it from bootroom, it always says wrong checksum even if it's right.

Sorry to say but it is almost offensive that after 7 months from the last firmware this one has been released which makes the RUT955 completely unusable.
I think this firmware is to be withdrawn and it would be better if Teltonika created a Beta Testing section where to put the firmware before making them public in order to receive feedback from those who use these devices intensively.
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I add one thing: by downgrading the firmware from version RUT9_R_00.07.01.1 to RUT9_R_00.07.00.2 (obviously this operation makes me lose the configuration) the mobile part becomes functional again and the LEDs on the Teltonika turn on.

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I can confirm this issue too. I tested with two units and both behavior were the same.

I didn't see this topic earlier so I made similar issue too.