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I have a Setup where I have a RUT955 with an openVPN server running, and three clients which are supposed to connect to the VPN network.

After connection the clients are supposed to see each other. I don't manage to do so.
I tried these following steps:
were Iam told to

  • Create unique TLS Clients instances for each of the Clients
  • Push the necessary routes via the Push option field
  • Enable Client to Client functionality in the Server's configuration

But I am not sure with the TLS client section.

I tried with two clients in the beginning.
My first client has the  static IP address
the second client has the static IP address

In the RUT955 OpenVpn Server settings I have client to client enabled and the follwing push options

And I added these two TLS clients:

where map1 and map4 are the CNs I named in the clients certificates.

As I understood it is not mandatory to set the local and the remote Endpoint and it will be set dynamically if I don't set it.

When I connect the clients with CN map1 and CN map4 to VPN I assumed I could ping each other with their 172.16.1.x IP address but I fail.

Could you please tell me what Iam missing?

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From the sent PrinstScreens it is seen that in the Private Network options wrong subnet is inserted. In this option, IP address has to end with 0.

Here is an example of how configuration should look:

Correct this option and let me know if the issue was solved.