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I'm trying to install a network with a RUT240 router, using SIM card as an internet source.

I bought this unit as it is able to use both RJ45 ports as outgoing LAN ports. When looking at the multiple walkthroughs already available to change a WAN port to LAN port it simply doesn't work.

First I unchecked the Wired WAN as a WAN Failover under Network->WAN. Only thing checked is the Mobile (WAN) as Main WAN.

When I go to Network->LAN to check the box where it says "Use WAN port as LAN" and press Save, the router's WiFi stops working. Still gives WiFi signal but no internet. The 2G/3G/4G LEDs start cycling and blinking and most gets stuck blinking every 1 sec at 3G LED. Two bars are displayed on the Mobile signal LEDs even though it was 3-4 bars when earlier.
The WAN port works for a few seconds as a LAN port but then no internet.
The LAN port doesn't work.
Both ports' LEDs light up when cable is connected.

Am I doing something wrong? I changed nothing else in the setup wizard. Do I have to make some further altercation to the settings before enabling WAN as LAN for them to work together?

Firmware is up to date (14.4)


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I have just registered to respond as I have been having similar problems....

I think there is may be a bug somewhere....

I have just upgraded to 7.01 to try and fix similar issues without success:

LAN connection to client working fine for several months, no issue....but wanted to be able to connect a second client PC

I upgraded to 1.14.4 (from 14.3 I think)

In my case I had set use 'WAN' as 'LAN' but then the LAN port immediately stopped working (no green light) (for a long time I thought it was a software issue in the client) but with the WAN connection eth1 working (green light and successful connection by client pc) but unable to connect to the LAN port... so I still only have one useable LAN port..

Then even if I unset use 'WAN' as 'LAN' the LAN port would not work again (no green light)

In despair I upgraded to 07.01 and both WAN and LAN ports show a green light but still I can only connect a client computer to the WAN port.

In my case the mobile modem and WiFi has been working fine..
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Interesting.. This is probably an even more accurate description of my problem. Must be a bug..?