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So I have a RUT240 router that is currently configured as an OpenVPN server and I'm trying to connect a Raspberry Pi to the router via a standard WiFi connection using the SSID and passphrase. The RUT has a mobile SIM card that was tested and verified working prior to hooking up the RUT as an OpenVPN server. The idea behind all of this is to be able to have the Raspberry Pi and RUT both out in a field somewhere while still allowing for internet connectivity and distant SSH access to the Pi via OpenVPN.

Currently all of this works except for the internet portion. I'm able to connect to the OpenVPN server set up on the RUT just fine from my laptop and the Raspberry Pi is confirmed to be connected to the RUT via SSID and passphrase (since the Pi was assigned an IP from the RUT); however, the Pi does not have internet access for some reason and thus I cannot SSH into it. I'm not sure where the hangup is since I know the SIM card works (I've called Verizon multiple times to confirm the SIM card is still active) and it is currently in the router. I've tried rebooting the RUT240 multiple times for extended periods and that did not help.

Is there some weird bug with RUTs that won't allow them to use Mobile service if set up as an OpenVPN server? Also, to set up the OpenVPN server I followed the TLS Authentication method found here: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/OpenVPN_configuration_examples

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