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When i tried to send SMS as described in other post via hyperling terminal, the SMS does not go trough. Sending SMS from WEBUI works fine. I tried updating firmware to the latest, but then the problem is that mobile connection is not established with same configuration.

Downgrading firmware fixes mobile connection issue, but then again RS232 modem does not work as it should.

I have read smilliar threads but not as same as mine. Problem is we need to connect PLC to the RUT955 (for remote connection to internet) and do sms sending with AT commands via RS232 port.

How can we solve this problem?

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A new version of RutOS 7.01 firmware has been released, with changes and improvements. Try upgrading your equipment and testing it then.


RUT955 with RutOS 7.01 support FULL or PARTIAL modem control mode:


There are two Modem mode control types: FULL and PARTIAL. Using Full type, it disconnects gsmd, so statistics are no longer displayed via WebUI, gsmctl is not running, and Full modem control is only possible through the RS232/RS485 port. With Partial type, gsmd is not disconnected, but modem control via RS232/RS485 port is possible.

Basically, modem mode allows you to directly control a mobile module with all AT commands. Like Call commands: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Call_Related_Commands

or SMS sending commands: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/SMS_sending_command

Please, review this and if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer.

Best regards.

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I upgraded Firmware and now mobile data is connected but still cannot send sms as described. 

I cannot send AT commands to modem somehow as seen below. 

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Now with further testing modem seems to not response to at commands while in partial control. When i switch to full control mobile data drops and some at commands work but not all of them, also sms sending command does not work.

Any tips how to solve this?
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To stop automatic +QCSQ status messages you can use AT command:


Then they won’t bother you. I also remind you that when sending AT commands directly, to the modem needs to be sent <CR + LF> after each message. This is the Terminal application setup.

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I did as described. I get to the AT+CGMS command. When i put in last command with my mobile number RUT955 modem breaks. Connection with mobile data fails and i cannot connect to modem via WEBUI interface. Reset is needed to restart device.