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Hi there, I have the RUTX12 and I have 2 LTE sim cards inserted but I'm struggling to bond these 2 networks together to increase speeds. It looks as though the device is just running off one network rather than both together as when I do a speed test with just one sim in I get speeds the same as with 2 sims in which could suggest that only one modem is active. I can see when I log into the backend I am receiving signals from both networks however I don't believe these are bonding together which may be something to do with the router configuration I'm not sure but any help would be great thank you. 

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By default, RUTX12 does not support bonding service. Load Balancing or Failover can be activated here.

However, Teltonika has entered into a partnership with Bondix Intelligence. They offer an additional application for RUTX series products - S.A.NE.

It is a third-party application and its implementation requires coordination with Bondix Intelligence. You may refer to this link for more information:

Webinar - Bondix Intelligence Enables Bonding Functionality in Teltonika Networks Routers!

Best regards.