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Trying to find the correct firmware for an old RUT520

I do not have the original box. The sticker on the back of the router states: RUT 520 E01000

The current firmware is RUT5XX_T_01.00.488

According to this article https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Firmwares_for_Old_Devices

if firmware is x1xxxx, RUT500 x5xxxx and RUT500 x8xxxx use one firmware, if not use another

My question is, is E01000 the product code? Because if its is, its x1xxx (not x1xxxx).

If its not, how can i find the correct product code?

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Product code is 12 digit characters long code, combined of two parts. First part (6 digits) indicate device model, e.g. "RUT500", while remaining 6 digits (in your case "E01000", as you indicated) are related with difference hardware modifications or packaging contents.

If "E01000" is indeed what is written on device, "RUT5XX_R_01.00.875" firmware version is the latest one for this particular router. RUT5 firmware versions can be downloaded from here:


Best answer

ok so it seems i am a complete idiot and uploaded the wrong firmware, AFTER i read your answer. Guess its not my day.

Any way i can upload the correct one. Currently i am getting this:


In such case, you can recover access to your RUT5 using TFTPD recovery. It can be downloaded from here:


Instructions what to do are inside.

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Router recovered. The default procedure did not work, but this one did: