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I have a webRTC stream running on a local machine and I am able to authenticate on the device, so communication via VPN to the device is generally working.

After authenticating a webRTC stream should be shown, however when using the VPN nothing is shown and transmitted.

Without VPN it is working on the same machines, same browser, etc.

Can you help me?

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For this inquiry of yours, if you are having a device running webRTC connected to the router where the router is connected to your Zerotier network. You need to do a port-forwarding rule where all the necessary ports of WebRTC must be forwarded to the Local LAN. 

The port-forward rule source zone needs to be set from Zerotier and then the destination zone will be the LAN network. 

The necessary ports that you need to port-forward can be found here: Ports and services for WebRTC phones under BYOC Premises - Genesys Cloud Resource Center (mypurecloud.com)

This link may help: RUT950 Firewall - Teltonika Networks Wiki (teltonika-networks.com)

I hope this helps.