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by anonymous

I have upgraded RUT950 to the latest FW, which looks better btw, but the JSON-RPC doesnt seem to be working.

First, there isn't any option in System->Administration->AccessControl json-rpc (is it enabled by default?)

Second, the response for getting the session id is: {u'jsonrpc': u'2.0', u'id': 1, u'result': [6]} and of course the response["result"][1]["ubus_rpc_session"] fails. 

Has the way getting the session id changed? Is it a bug or I'm missing something on the Web interface and I havent enabled it (if not enabled by default)?

Many thanks

1 Answer

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by anonymous


JSON-RPC is not removed, but actually current WebUI is also using it so there were some changes in permissions.

Fully functional JSON-RPC will be returned with RutOS 7.2 (activation deactivation via WebUI - Administration > Access Control)

 Now there is a workaround, by changing rpcd config via SSH, but we do not usually give it out, since WebUI also rely on it, so it is easy to brick WebUI access to router.

For users, that just want to test JSON-RPC out I would offer to do that on older OS versions (RUT9_R_00.06.08.5), and wait for 7.2 release. 


by anonymous
It looks like we are having this same issue with TRB-245.   We can get a session ID - but all subsequent requests that we have tried simply return a a value of 6.

We have 20 units we need this functionality for ASAP.   I cannot find a way to download older firmware for the TRB-245.

Can you please urgently suggest any other hotfix or when 7.2 release will be available
by anonymous
We also have this issue, we are replacing hundreds of 955's with RUTX14 and we are completely stuck without this, we have already deployed some of them.

Is there a workaround/hotfix or beta we can try?
by anonymous
Looking forward to FW 7.2 :-)
by anonymous
Why is this not mentioned among "deprecated features"?

We have remotely upgraded a large number of RUT955 devices to solve a RS485 related issue. Now remote control and monitoring is broken due to lack of JSON-RPC in RutOS 7.
by anonymous
Aren't we at 7.2 now? Our RUTX12 responds with [6] as well.