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I have a Router 955 with FW RUR9_R_00.07.01.1 and I can't send any SMS. I have tried the SIM card in a cell phone and there I can send SMS. So in priciple with my contract  I can send SMS. SMS limit is cleared and disabled so no limit existing. SIM is in slot 1 and default SIM. SIM ist active and connected to the provider. I already made in CLI:   mb /etc/log.db with no effect.

I have no idea anymore. Could someone help me?
Hi, I have same problem.

It's unbelievable how Teltonika didn't solve this basic feature... just to send SMS... in two months...

I am using Teltonika routers from many years ago (from RUT400 time...) in industrial projects...

6 Answers

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Can you tell me from which country you have raised this question ?
Also have you tested only one ISP SIM or from different ISP as well ?

I tested multiple times with different SIM and it is working at my end.
If it is not working in particular country with specific ISP SIM then we can try testing it and fix it if there is any bug.

I request you to see by downgrading the FW and if working then with 7.1.1 and 6.8.5 from same device please share troubleshoot file so that we can see what is happening.

It's a sim card from Germany, MedionMobile (former AldiTalk). Its working on the network of e-plus Germany.
The FW 7.1.1 is taken down and another FW will be released soon.
For now you can roll back to 7.00.02 or legacy FW 6.8.5 and see if your issue is resolved.
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I had encountered the same issue and there is a temporary fix - Can you just select 3G in your ''Mobile Configuration - Service Mode'' and then try.

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I would like to add some information about the problem. On my RUT955, the problem is present in both firmware 7.00.02 and 6.8.5. Indeed, as @ clivepinto93 wrote, the problem manifests itself when the modem works in LTE mode, and SMS starts to be sent stably in 3G mode. SIM-card of the "Megafon" operator, Russia.

When the modem is operating in LTE mode and trying to send SMS, "CMS ERROR: 500" is recorded in the gsmd log.

The file with a fragment of this log is attached. The troubleshoot file sended to @Rasure in a personal message.

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I have had the same issue after upgrading my 955 global to FW 7.00 and it seems the issue is still existing.

Using 3G is not an option for me.

I did not get any answer on my last requests regarding an update. This is really frustrating and not customer oriented.

I did not see any comment in the changelog of new FW regarding bug fixes for the SMS issue.

Why does Teletonika ignore all the reported error messages?

I have downgraded to FW 6.08.5. In this FW SMS services work but unfortunately voltage measurng on Analog Input is not very accurate. This is a lot better in FW 7.xx but due to the SMS issue this FW is not usable for me. I need to control the 955 by using SMS.

@Teltonika: Please let us know when the SMS issue will be solved!
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Since 4th December nothing has changed, almost two monthes... I purchased a RUT955 just to remotely command the relay output. The router  connection is by an Iliad sim card. No Dyndns is possible as it's natted. Just asked by email to Teltonika to allow the free use of RMS until they solve the problem. Two months guys... two monthes and Teltonika programmers couldn't fix the problem. Maybe Teltonika could ask a consulting to PepLink......
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I've work a lot for understand this problem and found a solution.

Sms are sent through LTE when you are on 4g network.

You need to check the correct Apn for your operator and set it into section interface of the Gui.

Not all Apn allow to send Sms.

It is not enough that you are able to connect to internet.

Before set it, the problem was on this parameter that you can check only by CLI

>uci show simcard

Check parameter force_apn.

It must to be set as '-1'

It is not present into the gui but it very important and also sometimes this setting will be lost when you update firmware.

Set this by this command

>uci set simcard.@sim[0].force_apn='-1'

>uci commit

Then reboot

Check the apn and set it correctly into the interface section and everything will works good.

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