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I have a problem with the connection of RUTX14 to RUTX10, RUTX14 set as Access point and RUTX10 set as client and the RUT10 logged into the RUT14 network using WIFI.

My IP settings are in the same range.

Unfortunately I can't ping the devices I have connected to LAN1 on RUT14 from the devices I have connected to RUT10.

Do you know what to do?

Thank you very much

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Firstly, I would recommend to follow the steps specified in the document to setup rutx10 as wireless client. Also note that "Network attached to this wireless interface is WAN instead of LAN" - Refer attached document for detailed information.

From the question I understand that there are no different subnets (Vlans) on the RUTX14 when as AP ?  Firewall rules (traffic rules, routing) has no custom config ?

Run traceroute from PC1 behind RUTX10 to PC2 ip address behind RUTX14 and vice-versa to see if it reaches the intended gateway and further ?