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by anonymous
Hi. I’m in need of advice. I believe I have decided that the RUTX11 is perfect for my campervan situation, however, I have become bewildered by the range of external antennas available.

I’m aiming to boost free (where available) Wi-Fi to the inside of my van, and where not possible, use either of the mobile sims to provide connection.

Can you recommend a suitable antenna, that will allow me to keep the RUTX11 inside my vehicle. Thanks in advance, Andy
by anonymous
Sadly, this doesn’t help, as I specifically need an external antenna because my camper van has a metal skin which acts as a faraday cage, but thanks for reaching out
by anonymous
I use this on the outside of my camper

Works great.

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by anonymous


Vehicle material should not significantly decrease signal strength in the inside of the car, because of that I would recommend one of these compatible mobile antennas for easier RUTX11 mounting in the car and the best gain ratio:  

Talking about WiFi antennas, the best fit would be a wifi dual-band SMA antenna:

Also, you can use third-party antennas with Teltonika-Networks devices. Here is the link to the requirements that must meet: