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I have a s7-1200 PLC( connected to RUT300 router's LAN port( In router's Webui, I can not see s7-1200 but can see my pc. PLC's webserver feature is open and i am able to see PLC's webui when i try to connect PLC via web browser(in pc connected to rut300).

I created VPN Hub just described in RMS VPN Hub video. At 1:38 auto scan does not find s7-1200 again. So i add it manually. Tried to connect PLC's webui from another pc via OpenVPN Connect. And failed. 

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Double check that your PLC has the correct LAN IP settings. The IP address, Mask and Gateway are important here. 

On the next step please attempt to enable LAN zone masquerading in your router firewall settings. I have attached a screenshot where to find this option in the device firewall page. Once enabled, restart RMS Hub and try connecting to the PLC via RMS VPN.