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by anonymous

Firstly, thank you very much for the community which I have already drawn on much through answers provided for other peoples questions.

After doing a great deal of research I decided on the RUT300 for a large roll out of remote support on our fleet of installed equipment.

I don't need site-to-sit connection, I am just running the Windows "OpenVPN Connect" on my laptop.
I was taken with the apparent simplicity of the OpenVPN cloud platform and I thought that with the RUT routers being able to import OPVN files it should all be straight forward install process.

It was simple, but the rules for the firewall created didn't work at all and it took a lot of experimenting before I was able to Ping the RUT300 router through the OpenVPN Tunnel.

I now have full access to the RUT300 over the OpenVPN Tunnel

ISSUE: I cannot ping my PLC's on the RUT300's network, the router no problem but everything secondary to the router I get "request timed out"

This is what I have configured:

My network Topology looks like this:

If I plug into a LAN port of the RUT300 I can access all the devices, but I cannot get the OpenVPN network traffic to pass through the router.

I have updated to the latest firmware.

Any advice you could provide would be appreciated.

2 Answers

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by anonymous


Did you add a TLS client on the OpenVPN server side? By adding a TLS client, you will then be able to access the client router. More information you can find here:


by anonymous
Thank you for your reply.

The solution I have deployed is the cloud based platform, there is no "Server" to add TLS clients to.
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by anonymous


Please refer the "Reaching a device's LAN Network" and "Firewall Zone Forwarding" sections in the following link that should help fix the issue: