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Hello to all

I have Teltonika RUTX12 Dual sim

I need to configure ddns and port forwarding to access one device from outside using Sim Card IP 

I’ve bought a De NAT SIM CARD which does have a static/public ip 

I’ve configured the router to separate  traffic of SIM cards between ETHERNET AND WIFI following this guide https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Splitting_Network_Traffic_Via_Multiple_Interfaces

The first problem is that if I switch from wlan to lan I get same public IP

So this means that traffic isn’t separate.

Second thing I don’t have any idea on how to configure ddns on SIM card 1 only.

Please can someone help me to do this?

Thank you in advance 

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Please can you capture and share the "troubleshoot" file after enacting the below scenarios ? (Also, specify the mac address of the WLAN and LAN clients

1> Use a WLAN client (laptop) to access internet
2> Use a LAN client  (laptop) to access internet
3> Cause a switch-over (failover) and access internet

For the DDNS setup I suggest you refer the link : https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUTX12_Dynamic_DNS, Also scroll down to see the configuration examples for various DDNS services.   (On the DDNS config page there is an option to choose the interface / public ip which needs to be mapped).