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We're using a RUT950 in combination with a Combo Mimo roof SMA antenna (PR1KCL25). FW version RUT9xx_R_00.06.07.5

The location is inside a mountain hall and the site an 4G LTE transmitter installed for coverage.

Anyhow the signal strength was too low for the RUT950 to connect to the network.

The connection status LED was red.

No Signal strength LEDs were lit.

The router reported mobile signal strength of about -95dBm

Cellphone 4G coverage was ok enough to make calls and connect to the internet via standard iPhone.

What would be a better choice of antenna to pair with the RUT950 to get an acceptable connection?

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We do not have stronger wired LTE antennas in our portfolio, apart from one, which you are currently using. If using this antenna (take note that this particular antenna must be connected to both router's "Main" and "Aux" antenna connectors)does not allow device to establish mobile data connection, then you could:

  • Try raising antenna higher in hopes that antenna would receive better signal reception
  • Make sure that there are not software aspects, which are preventing device from establishing mobile data connection. For example, in order to establish mobile data connection, device needs to know SIM card's APN. Our devices has built-in internal APN database for most commonly used public APNs. However, if your SIM card has particular special services enabled, none of APNs might work. Therefore it would be good idea to disable AutoAPN functionality and enter correct APN manually to limit the variables. If you have an option to temporarily move this device, it might be good idea to bring device closer to civilization and make sure that it connects to network where signal quality is good. Then by moving device back you would know for certain that device does not establish mobile data connection purely due to signal reception and not due to other variables
  • If you have SIM cards from different operator's, it might also be good idea to try using different operator's SIM cards, since it is possible that different operator would have better mobile coverage in this particular remote location.
  • Lastly, you can try to use stronger third party antennas with your RUT950 and check if that would allow device to establish mobile data connection.