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by anonymous
Hello, I am pure amateur in this topic

I have RUT950 with device connected via LAN cable. This device is camera where I set up FTP connection via port 21 to my ftp server. FTP is not able to establish connection. Testing mode in camera announced error without details.

Please, it is possible I have to open port 21 (I have default setting) in RUT950 or it goes freely?

Thank you

1 Answer

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by anonymous


May I know what type of IP address is given to the RUT950 by your ISP provider? Because if you are accessing it through a remote site or on a different network it must have a Public IP address to make it be reachable throughout the internet. If you are having a Private IP address you will not be able to reach the RUT950 device itself. 

Now going to your set up you mentioned that you are connecting a camera to the RUT950 where it is running on port 21 correct? So in this case, if the RUT950 is having a Public IP address you can do a port-forwarding rule where you will forward the data coming from the WAN network that is requesting port 21 to the internal IP address of your camera (LOCAL IP). From that, you should be able to reach the FTP service from the SIM Card IP of RUT950 on port 21. 

Helpful links: 

Port Forwarding - Teltonika Networks Wiki (
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I hope this helps.