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I tried several times to ask about RUT950 getting Wifi client to work properly. Recently a collegue found out that actually some of our over 70 nodes do work properly, and that this working nodes are of firmware RUT9XX_R_00.03.832. Partially its my fault to not notice that because of all the problems i always used the backuprouters DD WRT and didnt try anymore over the RUT. Anyways, as soon as i got this information i tried to reperform the testingprocedure on a RUT950 with a downgrade on said Firmware and voila: i could set up on 2 cellphone a hotspot with the same ssid and pw, give that data to the router and then switch on 1 hotspot ... connected, switch it off , switch on the next hotspot => again connected. Also when Wan was setup on wired and Wifi only as Backupe with this versione it works. So the basics of WIFI seems to work on that old firmware after several months of getting the suggestion to UPGRADE firmware instead of DOWNGRADING. So now the critical issue list is finally empty and other issues can be resolved by tecnicians connected remotely.

But there is a small issue i still need to figure out : how do i downgrade firmware in ( actually i will not connect , so i need to make a description for the guys who do it  ), for example a rut950 in India, and then be able to connect to said router afterwards ... by downgrading the routers loose their VPN-settings. Is there a way to inject to the firmwaredowngrade a standard setting for VPN or some way to inject a backup (made from a router with that downgraded firmware) into the firmwaredowngrade ? Or some procedure how i get that router reachable ? Any solution that allows me to do the downgrade without actually flying to each router would be apreciated. That applies also to the WAN settings that are lost after such downgrade ...

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I tried several times to ask about RUT950 getting Wifi client to work properly

Could you describe more about your issue? What exactly doesn't work? Which firmware releases you was used?


No, with this firmware it finally works. Before when the router left the range of the accesspoint and came back into the range of another one, wifi didnt recover. Now it works!

I tried several firmwares also RUT9XX_R_00.06.00.2 on the advise of the responses in this forum. Look for example at my post "https://community.teltonika-networks.com/3331/rut-950-wifi-gets-stuck" under Rut950. So i will not touch firmware anymore.

Problem now:

I need now a way to downgrade existing installed routers, so that they are accessible after the process of downgrading through VPN or something else, so that i can connect and change settings completly as how the where before the downgrade and be usable as PLC gateway for Softwaresupport of our machinery.

example to see why and feedback:

The router we found working ... it was at "Timphu" ... a place that i dont even know which country it is from, and i dont wanna find out.

I just gave feedback on how the issues before where to be solved correctly... by downgrading instead of trying dozens of new and newer firmwares, during a running 360° testing. (Which our company unfortunatly started to perform on the devicetype, when devices where already installed and away) 

So that described critical issue is not a problem anymore. I need to do downgrade and setup, without loosing connection to a router in for example india.


I read your details about your issue and would like to clarify: do you use WiFi as WAN in RUT950? And Mobile as Backup? Or only WiFi as WAN?

For this case:

Where is no save procedure, because after downgrading fw will be lost all settings.

Solution could be to use RMS, if router with default settings has internet access, then it could connect to RMS. And then via RMS you could reconfigure router settings.

But be noted, you want to downgrade to old release, so it is a bit risky.
during the tests it has to work in ( not only since the steps of testing hold other possibilities too but problems with that will be only documented and are not producing an entry in "issuelist" and/or "critical issuelist" ):

A: Wifi as Wan and mobile as Failover ( the equip will run also after delivery in Wifi and/or Mobile )

B: Wired as Wan and Wifi as Failover (the container with equip was delivered and needs to be configurated to work trough the client network. Wifi used during configphase only)

In default settings the router will never gain access to internet, since standard private Ips (10.1.1.x and 192.168.1.x) are treated specially .

Also we speak of places where internet/mobile/computers are a rarity. So finding a person to connect his computer and configure router trough teamviewer is hard.

so basically better to wait for a newer firmware that is able to handle it again and can keep settings before and after firmwarechange, no other options to kinda insert at least a Wifi&VPNsetting with the "update"-files ? Wifi alone would already be good... then its possible to reach trough rms.

assuming that at least the supervisors have a cellphone is a possible option.