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by anonymous

I run my RUT240 in an unheated attic and once temperature drops below 0 the router starts crashing frequently - I suspect the PSU can't provide enough power. Could anyone recommend a PSU that works well in low temperatures?


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by anonymous
We're running our units with redundand power supply (external PSU and passive POE) just for failsafety, but that might be an option in your case as well. But considering your describtion of the environment  I find the temperature aspect rather unlikely to cause any malfunction to the PSU. But you might give it a try as I described. Also any other stabilized DC-Power-Supply within the specified range (9-30V) should work fine (for wiring specifications refer to this page:

Personally I would alternatively consider moisture by condensation (inside the RUT240) a more probable cause. You could consider a waterproof housing for the RUT240 together with the external PSU (at least for the wintertime...).