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by anonymous

I am using an RTU950 with firmware version RUT9_R_00.07.00.2, kernel version 4.14.221. It is supposed to run all components of an industry cabinet in a subnet and use the uplink for Internet connectivity. If the uplink is unavailable, then it should simply continue to run the subnet. The devices would just not be able to access the Internet during the uplink outage.

The RTU950 has the WAN interface connected to a FritzBox providing Internet connectivity. It assigns the WAN interface the IP I have a client connected to the LAN interface of the RTU950. The LAN interface of the RTU950 has the IP and the client gets assigned

Clients are able to access the Internet, but it is terribly slow, leading to timeouts and connection interruptions. It is just not usable. Directly connecting the client to the FritzBox delivers normal performance. The problem therefore is the RTU950 configuration.

It is very strange that connectivity is present while connection speeds are incredibly slow. If I connect directly onto the RTU950 via SSH nd execute a ping to I also observe 40% loss-rate.

Since this is a very simple setup and a standard use-case I was not expecting any problems here - does anyone know how to fix this?



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by anonymous

If I understand correctly your RUT950 WAN interface is configured using DHCP settings so an IP conflict is unlikely, unless somewhere on the FritzBox LAN there is a device with the same IP address assigned statically. I'd also recommend to check whether the cabling is fine since issues related to packet loss can occur due to faulty cables.

Also, could you please try to isolate the issue by connecting nothing but WAN port to the RUT950 and pinging that IP address from FritzBox LAN side? By default the firewall rules should permit incoming ICMP requests and you should get a reply back - in this case you'd know whether the issue exists directly between FritzBox and RUT950 or, if everything seems fine, the issue only exists specifically when using internet connection.

Additionally, if possible, I'd highly recommend trying to connect to the internet directly from RUT950, without using the FritzBox as the device in the middle.

If these steps don't yield any results, please backup the configuration of RUT950 and try to reset its settings and reconfigure only the WAN interface. If the issue occurs after doing checking everything mentioned here, let me know.

Best regards,