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I have a router RUT240 which is connected to a device through a ethernet cable (lan connection). I would like to get acces to that device to download some data but I'm not quite sure how to do it.

I don't have much experience with this sort of things, so I've been diging a bit on the internet but I just got stucked.

If I do: RMS connect/remote SSH/Add new remote/manual:

      - IP: The IP I see when i do "arp" on the CLI connection
      - Protocol: SSH
      - Port: 22

I got the message "Device could not be reached".

Does anyone have any advice on how to configure the router to do this?


Best wishes.

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To access LAN network equipment, you need to have a Public IP. If you don't have this you can take advantage of VPN clients (such as ZeroTier or WireGuar) or RMS Connect / VPN. 

The RMS Connect section located in the Connect menu and it allow using different protocols to connect directly to devices that are plugged into Teltonika Networks equipment. Here you will find a tutorial where you will learn how to use RMS Connect to set up a Remote SSH connection on your end device.