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I was connected on the Verizon network, but now I am unable to get my connection back online.  I am on the latest firmware and I have performed a reset to factory defaults and rebooted twice.  The connection will not establish itself.

Here are some stats:

Data connection Disconnected
State registered (home); Verizon Wireless; 4G (LTE)
SIM card status SIM (Ready)
Bytes received/sent * 0 B / 21.4 KB
Firmware version RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.4
Product code RUT24002XXXX
Batch number 0095
Hardware revision 0010
Model EC25
FW version EC25VFAR02A13M4G

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Could you please confirm that the connection doesn't work even when using a custom APN? As far as I know, the current advertised standard Verizon APN is "vzwinternet". Unless you have a different APN provided directly to you by Verizon, please try this one first.

To change APN and other mobile settings, please login to the router and navigate to Network>Mobile section. Also, make sure to enter SIM PIN code (if there is one). More information regarding the mobile section on RUT240 can be found on our wiki article here: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT240_Mobile_(legacy_WebUI)

Let me know if this helps.

Best regards,


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Thank you.  I will start going through these suggestions.

I do not have a PIN assigned to the SIM card.  

The network you recommended "vzwinternet" has shown up before.  the current one shown right now is vzwadmin, and i have seen vzwapp show up before too.

I have APN set to Auto.  Shall I try manual?  I am not familiar with manual settings.  Where do I find what I need for APN?

I just set the APN manually to vzwinternet, and I am now connected.  I will monitor the situation and let you know if it drops.  thanks for your help!
I continue to remain connected.  Thank you for the help and guidance.  This solved my issue.