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I have rut240 and mobile is working fine, I can surf the internet on my iPhone via the router and 4g SIM card. However, I would like the connect 3 WiFi cameras (NO cables) wirelessly to the router and be able to monitor the cameras remotely. This is why I bought the rut240. Could you please share a straightforward step-by-step on how to do this? Thanks

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Thanks for your reply. Those links didn’t help unfortunately. Specifically I am trying to connect the rut240 to 3 mini magnetic hd cameras. Please see link: https://www.mytrendyphone.eu/shop/mini-magnetic-fullhd-home-security-camera-266855p.html

When the cameras are within range I can connect to them and monitor them via WiFi and using the app V380 pro. But I need to monitor the cameras remotely and according to the brief documentation this can be done using a router, so I bought the rut240 I am not technically versed at all. Can I please get a walk-through for dummies how I achieve this? Thanks in advance 



RUT240 router provides remote access to the surveillance system via RMS or public IP (port forwarding).


RMS offers many features to save your time and expenses while managing everything remotely – even without Public IP!

RMS - CONNECT: Access any smart devices via HTTP/HTTPS or SSH & configure them using WebUI or CLI as if you are in front of them

RMS - REMOTE DESKTOP: Control laptops, desktop, industrial computers, and other devices running Windows or Linux via RDP or VNC – remotely

RMS - VPN: Set-up secure VPN tunnels to unlimited number of endpoints with just a few clicks.

More information can be found here:


Public IP (port forwarding):

Port Forwarding is the process of redirecting data packets to another destination. In Teltonika-Networks devices this is a feature of the iptables firewall, NAT table, PREROUTING chain. When a packet matches a port forwarding rule, the destination and/or port values are changed in the packet header.

More information can be found here:



Best regards,

Hi, Thanks for your reply

Would you please be specific?

1. I want to use public IP (port forwarding)

2. Is it correct that I need to browse to Network->Firewall->Port Forwarding?

3. Do I need to add a new Port Forwarding rule?

4. In that case what are the settings for:

-  Protocol?

- Source Zone?

- Source MAC address?

- Source IP address?

- Source Port?

- External IP address?

- External Port?

- Internal Zone?

- Internal IP address?

(How do I add this IP address to the drop-down list?)

- Internal Port?

Where else do I need to change settings and to what should I change the settings?

Kind Regards


Please check the following link, you will find answer for all your questions:


Please note that customers can sometimes obtain a public IP by subscribing to a special service plan and paying extra fees.

Should you need any additional information please let us know.

Best regards,