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Could you please let me know what device you are testing? Maybe you are trying out one of Teltonika networks RUT devices? Or maybe you are asking about FM vehicle tracker?

Additionally, please let me know more details what do you mean by "stop sending data <...>" aspect. Does that mean that in most cases everything is working as expected, but sometimes data does not arrive on your Tavl server?

Could you also indicate what device's AVL configuration you are using and how do you determine that data does not reach Tavl Server? Are you using Tavl/Tavl web, or are you inspecting Tavl server's logs directly?



I am using Tavl web as I know it is EOL but please help me solve this issue

We are using TMT250 FMB920 these devices are sending data to server but server send thes data to raw like this it remains unprocessed


And devices are going to late Update is there any way to solve this and Tavl server stop sending data to RAW data?


Thank you for detailed answer.

Unfortunately, I would not be able to help you personally, since this question is not directly related with Teltonika Networks RUT devices.

In this case, please create another query on different forum, which is meant for GPS-FM-Tavl questions:

Then my colleagues from Teltonika GPS department would be able to help you regarding this Tavl Server issue. When you will be creating new ticket on different forum, my suggestion would be to include information from your most recent answer in this ticket. That would allow you to avoid being asked same questions twice.