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I am very disappointed with my RUT240 LTE performance.

It was going to replace a TP-Link TL-MR6400 v4 that always gave me blasting speed.

When using the same SIM card and placing the RUT240 on the same spot as the TL-MR6400 it can hardly maintain a stable LTE connection and the speed is unacceptable.

When I load the RUT240, for example in a speed test, it disconnects from LTE and doesn't reconnect again to any network in several hours.

This is from Status Network Mobile (very constant readings):

- 4G/LTE Signal Strength: -85 dBm

- RSRP -113 dBm

- RSRQ -13 dB

- SINR 2.1 dB

Unfortunately I don't have signal strength measurements from the TL-MR6400, but the fact that RUT240 has two 3G/4G rod antennas whereas the TL-MR6400 only has internal antennas (inside the box) and the fact that there is such a big difference in performance in favor of the TL-MR6400 makes me suspect that there is something wrong with the RUT240.

RUT240 always uses LTE Band 20 and I know for sure, that there is very minimal interference/load from other devices in the cell.

I am also facing same issue, If you found any helpful guide Please let me know. Thanks

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According to your information, your RUT240 receives very poor mobile signal quality. Received RSRP value is in the range of no connection at all. That would explain why you would have slow download speeds or even periodic disconnections. For reference reasons, here you can find article explaining good/bad range of each mobile signal quality parameter.

Could you insert same SIM card to your TL-MR6400 device temporarily and check to what LTE band this device connects and what signal it receives? If it would prefer to use different LTE band, try to force your RUT240 to same LTE band. That can be done from "Network -> Mobile" menu.

Also, according to TL-MR6400 online datasheets, this device has two external mobile antennas, while you have indicated that it uses internal antennas. Is it possible that you were referring to different device?

Thank you for answering.

My old TP-Link device is TL_MR6400 V4 and indeed it has two external rod antennas for LTE. Sorry for that mistake, I thought of those antennas being for Wi-Fi (TL_MR6400 V3 has internal antennas for LTE).

Currently I only have remote (sporadic) access to the RUT240. It is placed in a remote house used for surveillance. Therefore I cannot put back the TP-Link device and see what LTE band it is using. I didn't test the setup sufficiently well before leaving the place :-(.

I managed to download a troubleshooting file. Can you use that for further analysis of the issue?

I believe the only available Telenor LTE band in the area is B20. Some days ago I tried to go to WebUI -> Network -> Mobile and set Connection Method to Manual and then selected all other LTE bands than B20. This was to try and force the RUT240 to use another LTE band (if available). What happened was, that RUT240 then registered on WCDMA.
Regarding your troubleshoot question - currently there does not seems to be anything to troubleshoot for. I.e. if device physically receives poor mobile signal, that would explain mobile connection instabilities. Troubleshoot package would only show indication that device lost mobile connection and that it. Since this does not seem to be a software issue, troubleshoot package is not necessary at this point in time.

Instead, currently it seems that to proceed further, physical access to the device would be needed - to check situation with TP link device and to inspect device's antennas or change device location, so that RUT240 would receive better mobile signal.
Well, maybe there is no usefull info in the troubleshooting files, and maybe the low RSRP is the fundamental problem, but the RUT240 still behaves very strange. As I wrote in the first post, then it breaks down when I load it. At first I thought it was then trying to re-register on the network and only managed to do so after several hours. But it seems that it is still registered. This is what I experienced when RUT240 is in this strange mode:

WEB UI only partly functional: Login works, Menu works, but no data is shown in any fields.

SMS gateway doesn't work (no reply or action follows sending an SMS to RUT240).

OPENVPN Client seems to work.

Routing functions seems to work.

I can SSH to RUT240 (through the VPN tunnel).

I can reboot RUT240 via SSH.

After the reboot evrything works again.

Unfortunately it will take some months before I will be physically at the RUT240 location.
Thank you for more information.

To confirm: Device has active mobile data connection, through which you even establish OpenVPN tunnel and connect to router remotely, but SMS messages are not working? Could you simulate this issue, then download troubleshoot package from the router and send it to me via private message?

Or maybe your router has both Wired and Mobile internet connections?
Yes, I believe this "limbo mode" should be included in the troubleshooting files if I just download it now, unless the files are cleared after a reboot(?). I will send it in PM.

To answer your question: There is no wired connection to RUT240. RUT240 runs an OpenVPN client that creates the tunnel to my own OpenVPN server at home. The SIM-card in RUT240 doesn't have a static public IP address, so the only way I can access RUT240 is through the VPN.