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Hi all,

We have a RUT240 and have been experiencing intermittent SMS Forwarding to Email for months.

- We've moved office (suburb / area) so the problem is not local cellular issue.

- Multiple firmware revisions experience the fault (currently RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.4)

- It sends emails authenticated to Office365(smtp.office365.com, we know the configuration is correct as it works occasionally (70% of the time).

- We've setup a periodic reboot overnight to try and assist with the issues.

The System Log just has;

Thu Jan  6 10:29:30 2022 user.info Messaged[25095]: Start from new event "Mail" "Email sending failed <removed>"


Thu Jan  6 09:21:19 2022 user.info Messaged[19005]: Start from new event "Mail" "Email was sent to <removed> "

The SMS is always received.

We have it modified to leave space for 4 SMS's in the Storage (as noted elsewhere)

The SMS's it is sending are just basic text (no characters / Emojis etc)

Any tips or tricks?

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Since you have already configured all necessary SMTP settings (and even confirmed that emails from router are working most of the time), there should be no issue with router's configuration or SMTP functionality.

Instead, your current description suggests that router might simply be loosing internet connection periodically and that causes emails to not be sent. Try to check if router has continues data connection all the time, especially at moments when emails fails to send. One option to do that is to have continues ICMP pings passing through the router to internet and checking if pings start to drop at the moment when issue occurs.

If you will confirm that issue is related with internet connection and if your router is using mobile connection to acquire internet access, then you would try to improve device's signal reception to ensure that router would not be loosing connection to the network.


In our testing it is not loosing internet connection - I am currently on my laptop connected to the RUT240 with a persistent ping to Google. (no issues)

Thu Jan  6 15:05:25 2022 user.info Messaged[26548]: Start from new event "Mail" "Email sending failed <removed> "\

Five minutes earlier it sent it through.

Send one at 1507, it gets sent.

System Log:



Thank you for logs. However, I have removed them from this article for your security reasons.

Logs, which you copied had "CMGL" lines, which are raw PDU data of SMS messages. PDU can be easily decoded info both senders and recipient phone numbers and whole SMS text. Since you have put effort in hiding plain text information, I though it would be wise to also hide raw PDU data (which could be easily decoded) as well.

Regarding your issue: Could you try to launch ICMP pings from your computer to smtp.office365.com and check if this server remains reachable all the time?

Also, is it possible that smtp.office365.com is simply blocking too frequent connections from same source? E.g. maybe every time before failed email there recently was a successful one? Are you able to inspect any longs from office365 side and check what reason SMTP server indicates for such failed email?

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Hi, I try to SMS Forward To Email too but not working. I try with many smtp included google but no result.

Can please help us?

Thank you